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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the measure of an acre?

An acre is a quarter of land that is equal to 43,560 square feet. For visual reasons, an acre is most often evaluated to the size of a football playing field - not reckoning the 2 end zones, which are both 30 feet in length. Now attempt to visualize one square mile, which is equivalent to 640 acres!

2. I don't know the zip code of my areas. How do I stumble on a representative that is precise for me in my area?

Kindly refer to our directory, where you will be capable to glance through utilizing Counties and/or Cities.

3. I looked at a land yesterday with a REALTOR® who seems to be naive. I am truly fascinated in purchasing the assets, though. Can I exchange agents and still formulate the purchase?

If you really want to procure that property, the only principled thing to do is to acquire it through that REALTOR®. If not, you could set up probable conflicts between your preceding agent and whatever fresh agent you may prefer.

4. Who is a broker?

A negotiator who is sanctioned to open and run his/her own agency. The entire real estate offices have solitary principal broker.

5. Who is a REALTOR®?

A REALTOR® is an mediator or agency that represents to the restricted or state board of REALTORS® and is allied with the "National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). They pursue a stern code of ethics further than state license laws and also backer the Multiple Listing System (MLS), which is utilzed to record houses for sale.

6. Why should I utilize a real estate manager?

A real estate manager/agent is more than just a mere "sales person." They take action on your behalf as your mediator, providing you with counsel and regulation and burden a job - serving you procure or vend a home. Due to the swift changing bazaar, the data on existing listings is not 100% precise. There are moments when you require the majority of the present information about what has sold or is for sale, and the just way to get that is by means of an agent.

7. What is the generic Time period to buy a property?

From the instant of the pre-contract has been signed, it takes on regular between 10 to 12 weeks for the entire purchasing procedure to be accomplished

8. How can I investigate for properties on or close to the water?

To investigate for properties on or in close proximity to the water:
1. At the pinnacle of any page, clack Search for Homes.
2. In further Search Options on the left, roll to the Views section.
3. Choose the desired water location.
4. Tick Show Properties.

9. How would I locate a legal description for a definite piece of state-owned land?

Legal descriptions are enclosed on property title deeds. Copies of deeds are planted in the county court house where the land is situated. Copies of deeds can also be instituted in the Secretary of State's Office, provided the feat is on file.

10. How do I resolve if a certain portion of state-owned terrain is accessible for buying?

Get in touch with the agency which pedals the assets or the Public Lands Division of the escritoire of State's Office.

11. How many acres do the state own? How many acres are owned in a specific county?

It is presently expected that the state in the course of its diverse agencies owns in the region of 800,000 acres. This land is continuously altering due to attainments and sales. This sum does not comprise 16th section school trust lands, public trust tidelands, or tax forfeited lands. The totality of acres for a particular county is listed in the reports segment of the register of organization lands.

12. What course of action do we necessitate to pursue to buy land?

The agency must have universal or precise statutory authority to acquire land. All deeds must be processed all the way through the Public Lands Division of the Secretary of State's Office and authorized by the Secretary of State or his subordinate

13. Is there a catalog of guidelines and procedures for purchasing and selling property?

Yes, get in touch with the Public Lands Division or the Bureau of Real Property Management in the Department of Finance and Administration to find out these procedures

14. What is the purpose of ACRE?

The purpose of ACRE is to stabilize the genuine business interests of agriculture with the ecological and society concerns of local citizens and chosen leaders. ACRE will help determine some of the crossing point issues that happen when the non-farm group of people meets fabrication agriculture.

15 How do I identify this is not a fraud?

We think, cynicism is a fine and vigorous thing, but when you are advertising ground breaking merchandise, and you're doing it on a lawful origin, in the approved manner and with the most excellent of intentions, cynicism can become a genuine trouble. We do recognize, from time to time, a few comprehensible enquiries asking us if this is a funny story or not. We know that the Internet contains many gag sites, as well as many disgraceful sites intended for just fraudulent reasons.

We would be reminiscent of to restore confidence in you that this is not such a site. However, due to the individuality of the product on sale here, we desire to give you this printed guarantee. It is of course easier said than done to conclude if this is a hoax while you are just sitting there browsing the net.

16. Will my kids become heir to the property?

Absolutely, or whomever you make your mind up to leave it to. This is in point of fact one of the significant points about trading a celestial property. It may possibly turn out to develop into a priceless investment to potential generations. We may not be proficient to get there up till now and live there on a stable basis, but it is pretty positive that one day we will be competent to live on many planets and moons in the Solar System. In a only some hundred years for instance, large colonies on the Moon are a possible reality. The Artemis Project is by now planning a lucrative lunar venture and settlement, and the Japanese are setting up to go back to the Moon for profitable reasons since quite some time now. Indisputably, it will happen

17. How expedient is the location?

Do you require a reasonable substitute to a chief metro area? And are there any "small-town" resources near by for groceries, pharmacy, video rentals, gasoline, etc.

18. Is the assets Surveyed?

With a studied parcel you have superior assurance that the acreage will be precisely what you constricted for. The boundary lines ought to be as shown on the review map and pinned & flagged on the belongings. Devoid of a survey you can merely conjecture at the integer of acres and the precise boundary lines.

19. What sort of properties can you purchase at this enormous land public sale?

There is a bit for everyone. We present an extensive assortment of land parcels… from diminutive city lots to huge piece of acreage. And the most excellent part is we propose very easy financing and low minimum bids so approximately anyone can manage to pay for to possess property with

20. How do you get your hands on your properties?

We get properties from numerous dissimilar sources, as well as private parties, estate sales, banks, foreclosures, bankruptcies, government tax sales, etc. On the whole, we stare for bargains, so that confidently you buy a good deal.

21. I necessitate more backing. Who do I get in touch with?

For added help with any of your real estate requirements, please contact: Billy Whala, 3001 W. Indian School Road, Suite 140, Phoenix, AZ, 85017 Ph: 602 274 0700, email:

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